Saturday 7 May 2016

Palm Post

Does your village have a Beryl? Ours does: she one of those wonderful people who will do anything for anyone. So when she asked for a favour I said yes!

Could she have a couple of palm trees please!

I hope these are ok

They started like this!

Luckily the lovely carpet man cut it shorter for me so it fitted into the car. Brian made the base while I painted the trunks and cut leaves

Since then I've been tidying and ironing, maybe *tomorrow* I'll get some sewing done!


  1. interesting wonder what the trees are needed for

  2. Well -- if you can make palm trees, then you are a master crafter. (thanks for jumping when asked)

  3. this has brightened my morning .. made me chuckle xx How lovely to be able to give Beryl something in return for the many things it sounds like she does for others xx ... I would not have known where to start! lol x

  4. Great palm trees and nice to do something for Beryl. What is she going to with them? Or is that a secret? :D

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA those palm trees are fun and fabulous - Beryl must be thrilled!

    No sewing for me this weekend either - we had other things to do. I've pretty much given up on being able to sew on the weekends - it took a while, but I'm OK with it now. Hubby is home more, so I tend to do more housework instead of one of my favourites (lolling on couch with laptop on my lap) or (playing for hours on end in the sewing room) :D I can only imagine it'll be even worse when he retires, LOL! Oh my !! :( :) >:)


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