Friday 6 May 2016

Museum Making

I had a fab afternoon at Chertsey Museum this afternoon - show send tell from last month was the best ever . . .

How stunning are they!!!!
And today we made Suffolk Puffs (aka yoyos)

And Susan brought a wall hanging she made some years ago:

It's such fun working with such talented ladies!


  1. You really are a talented bunch :)

  2. I love the foundation piecing, actually I love it all well done ladies!

  3. some lovely things the flying geese gpong round in a circle is fascinating and loving the pin cushion set

  4. Fun projects - I have a small box of yoyo's that I made one year during a car trip (I don't even remember where we went). The intent was to embellish a tote bag but I didn't get enough made, and then my fingers hurt too much to continue :D I should have made them in green - then I could have made a cute Christmas wallhanging like the one above - that's so adorable!


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