Sunday 15 April 2018

2018 Wk 16 a crafty weekend 

Mum and I had a glass bead lesson on Saturday - melting the glass to make beads and then making jewellery from the beads we made - great fun - and no one got burnt!!

Mum, in action:

 And our creations:

I was sent these awesome pics by Graniger’s grandma - he seems to love his taggie!!!  Isn’t he a  cutie!!!

And I have been doing some sewing - the yummy mini charms that Jackie sent me are on the way to becoming this -


  1. Another craft I am staying away from! Though I do have a kiln with beading door.

  2. Is it OK if I borrow Grainger for a few minutes (ok, YEARS) - he's a doll and I want to snuggle him! What a smile he has!!!!!!!!

    Making beads sounds like fun!


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