Monday 2 April 2018

2018 Wk 14 - Easter Weekend - 3

Today I have spent a lovely day pressing, cutting, speed dating, sewing, pressing, sewing . . . And made this

It’s called a Fortyniner quilt.  I started with three 7x7 squares, and then cut two of them into triangles.  The binding will be the same turquoise as the diamond. Quilting and trimming are needed before the binding but for once I have actually made exactly what I bought the fabric for!

There was a lot of speeding dating / auditioning - I do sometimes wonder if I overthink these things!,

In an ideal world I would have been in Ireland this weekend  - on "reatreat" at Jackie’s, but the flights over Easter were so expensive so we both sat at home and sewed alone - sharing in-progress photos

She made these two baby quilts

And finished this incredible crochet

Hope you had a good Easter xx


  1. We both did well but we are so much more productive together xx

  2. I know about those flights. It's cheaper to go see my daughter in the frigid north than going to see my son who is much closer.
    Love your speed dating results. You are so quick. I'm nearly done binding my second quilt for the year....

  3. I've never heard of a Forty-niner quilt but WOW what a great idea and design - something so simple that works up into such a pretty and different (from the original blocks) design! How big were your blocks in the original 49 patches ... and how big is the flimsy? Asking for a friend! ;)

    Hey Jackie! Nice quilts and afghan!! :)

  4. It's a shame you had to sew alone but you both had a very productive time. Your quilt is looking great and Jackie's crochet is amazing! Hope you enjoy the Easter holiday :)


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