Friday 19 August 2011

This foot? Or that foot?

Today I have been getting ready for the three classes I am running this weekend, and I have been brave: using feet (for the sewing machine!) that I either don't normally use, or have never used!

I used the quilting foot to free motion quilt the tree branches and the sky (not something that I often do). I used some Aurifil thread that I got (on blog recommendation) at FoQ. I have to say that based on the fmq it is great. My reluctance to do any significant quilting is due to unhappiness with tension issues, and this seems pretty darn even!

and then I used this foot that I didn't even know I had - like the 1/4 inch foot it has a little blunt blade that sticks out below the foot.  Where as the 1/4" one guides the fabric, this one seems to sit it the ditch, so where I used in the ditch stitching to quickly attach the back of the binding, the seam is actually in the ditch and is invisible - I'm really chuffed!

 So the Owl wall hanging is [almost] complete ready for the library class (yes, Hadley, I just realised Pink still doesn't have a beak, I will sort that out eventually!)

I have also not finished but prepared as far as I want to the flying geese for the Museum class

So that's a big green tick for all my homework :-)


  1. I absolutely love your owls! They are gorgeous!

  2. What a handy dandy foot. How useful.

    I love the flying geese. Great color choices.

  3. Oh yes I have a 'ditch' foot - not used it, or a selection of others yet!

    Beaks are kind of essential!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love using all different feet for my machine. That in the ditch foot comes in handy.


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