Wednesday 17 August 2011

Mending :-(

Given that I use a needle nearly every day, there is no excuse for me to have a mending pile, but I do, and it's big, but que será será, such is life!

A recent addition to the pile came from Nephew #2, Anthony.  Ant is in his thirties, married, and a successful businessman, so old enough to be trusted (you would think) with scissors.

However, when his Ted Baker shirt was too tight on the biceps (yes Ant we had noticed you've been working out) he decided to adapt it

Can you see what he's done

or do you need a closer picture?


This warranted me being called Auntie Benta (he dropped the "Auntie" about the time his voice broke!), and could I possibly sort it out?

(does anyone else hear Captain Mainwaring saying "you stupid boy!" or is that just me?)

So today I have unpicked the under arm seams, and carefully removed the lining from the back (seen in the top photo) to give myself some fabric to play with.

Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm thinking of losing the cut sections and adding a triangle of the lining/trim fabric out from the underarm seam, widening to the (um, what's the word?) cuff (?) but I would be very happy for any suggestions (or does no-one else have family members who are quite so daft!)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

I have managed to stitch down the sashing on the Texture quilt, but it doesn't look any different yet, so I now need to join the remaining blocks


  1. Buy him a new shirt and ask him not to cut into it. ;/

  2. I'd be inclined to add some lace and a bit of satin ribbon à la Adam Ant!

  3. Put in the triangle of fabric and return it to its owner,one less in the pile!! I am struggling with replacing a zip in a pair of jeans so I feel your pain.

  4. Sorry, still laughing over here ... MEN !!! as much as I like men (generally speaking ...) sometimes they can be - challenging ;-))
    I like the idea of lace and ribbon, but I'm sure he would not be too happy with it ... so I guess best would be to add a triangle (on both sides???) and be done with it. Or - do as Beth said, buy him a new shirt and use this on in your art ;-))

  5. I agree with Beth who said to buy him a new shirt (or tell him to buy himself a new one) and add the fabric to your collection. Otherwise the triangle of fabric is the right idea. LOL xxx


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