Tuesday 30 August 2011

Bedtime Blogging again!

I have got all the sashing quilted on the Texture Quilt, and the binding machine stitched on the front, and have started the hand sewing onto the back.  the sashing and binding fabric is quite thick, so I have had to resort to a thimble to protect my finger, but I'm not used to using one, so it's a bit slow going. 

I have also found two blocks that need a bit of TLC, so they will need to be done before it is finished.

Sewing time is sadly starting to run out:
  • visiting Lisa in Greenwich tomorrow,
  • shopping with Niki on Thursday to get ready for the new term, 
  • Mum coming up on Friday, 
  • village Garden Party (fair) on Saturday,
  • a day out with Hadley on Sunday (wish I could remember where we are going, but hopefully Hadley will let me know - needless to say it had something to do with textiles, or fabrics!), 
  • and then (cover your ears eyes as I utter write a four letter word), and then, I have to go to work!!!  :-(  
I got very used to not working over the last six weeks!

As well as working on the texture quilt, I made one of the Mug Rugs for Fluffy Sheep's swap.  My partner said she liked rainbows, spots and stripes . . . I think this covers it!


  1. Love that mugrug, and yes, I think it definitely fulfils the brief. If only I could remember what I actually put on that questionnaire, I could have seen things for me 10 times over lol

  2. Oh I could have told you anywhere!! Missed a trick there xxx

  3. You are going to be super busy! I love your mug rug. Colorful and I think it meets all your partner's likes, too! I bet she'll be so happy to receive it.

  4. The mug rug is wonderful! I love the bright colors. And congratulations on getting even more done on the Texture quilt!

  5. I love that mug rug! It's such a simple pattern, but the contrast between the colors and the black and white is awesome. Your partner will love it!


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