Monday 29 August 2011

Off to bed, but first . . .

Just want to show that I have been working on the texture quilt

It's got the stage where lots of work only looks a little bit difference.  All the blocks and the sashing have now been joined, and some of the sashings have been quilted.  A bit more quilting to do and then the binding, and it's good to go to it's new home.

I splashed out on some Aurifil quilting threads at Festival of Quilts, and they really are much better than the cheap tat I usually use, but I didn't think to get cream!  I'll have to start building up my Aurifil collection!

Next deadline is for a Graduation quilt for 10th September: it's pieced and basted, but only partially quilted.


  1. Congratulations! It always feels so good to get this far into a project! It's going to be such a sweet gift!

  2. That texture quilt is so clever, but you need to be onto more colourful ones.
    Aurifil collection - oh my!

  3. I see the progress you've made. I agree with Hadley! Color! :)

    I've yet to try Auriful. Sounds like I need to get some!

  4. Looking very good. I know when we can add to your collection of threads!! LOL


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