Wednesday 24 August 2011

A Great Day!

So today mum and I popped along to Eternal Maker.  It's just about 15 minutes from Mum's, and I have to say that if it hadn't been for other inhabitants of Blogland I never would have known it existed.  Even if I had driven past it several times I still probably wouldn't know what it was.  So thanks to Sarah for mentioning it (several times) and Hadley for the great directions . . .


Fabrics (about a gazillion rolls), buttons in every colour and size and shape imaginable, and assorted 'stuff' piled high in a labyrinth of delight!  We will definitely be going again, as it was too much to take in during one visit.  Mum just bought one key ring.  I did get everything on my list, and just a teeny bit more besides!

Do you want some photos?

This fab London themed canvas will become a Pink Penguin bag for my Sister In Law for when mum and I go to visit her and my brother in Australia in December.  The plain pink (I LOVE the Kona selection) will be the cover.  The pink is also for sashing between the pink and green blocks which will become pin wheels.

The scraps of fabrics here are from other fabrics destined to be Pink Penguin bags - I took them with me to colour match: the bright blue will be the cover for the Barbados Shells and the bright zebra fabrics, and the dark red is for the postage stamp fabric.

The red flowers here will be the border for the Aunt Grace 9 patch quilt, and the black with scissors will be for Heather's black and white with pink quilt.  I have bought lots of blacks with white now, but I'm thinking of using the left overs in a blanks and batik bright courthouse steps, so of course I needed more

This fabric was totally unnecessary: it was not on my list; I have no idea what I am going to do with it, but there was no way I could leave the shop without it, so there you go!

Finally a bit of alteration: I found a fab top in M&S yesterday:
     Fortunately it was in the sale,
          Unfortunately  it was far shorter than I like to wear my tops,
               Fortunately I found another top that was the same cotton
                     Unfortunately it meant I had to spend more money
                          Fortunately, It was a charity shop, and I didn't
mind at all!

(does anyone else have conversations like this with themselves?)

 Anyways . . .  to the right is an original as seen in M&S today, and to the left is a Benta original (4" longer) as seen on Benta today :-)


  1. Oh that looks like a good EM haul! When we stopped last week they had all the just-dyed buttons drying outside - too cool!

    Nifty dressmaking!

  2. Hi Benta! That top is really beautiful! All your new fabrics are great and inspiring - defenetaly not 'unnecessary' fabric but most necessary!
    xxx Teje

  3. I enjoyed it too - both the fabrics, which were wonderful, and our day in Chichester. Definitely to be repeated! LOL xxx

  4. Great stuff! I love the scissors fabric. Pretty top, too. Looks nice on you :)

  5. Wow, love that top, you've done a great job! The Eternal Maker has fantastic Japanese fabrics am I right? I think I bought from them at FoQ last year - must get my act together and get my story straight, could be my brain cell playing up again! Love that dressmaking fabric, def a must buy!

  6. Love love love the pink fabric! That would make a beautiful bag for projects on the go!

  7. I love your alteration - nice job! your "new" shirt looks really great!


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