Thursday 4 August 2011

some work on the UFO list

At last a finish from the UFO list - I have finished the binding on the Nathan I-Spy Quilt, so that can be crossed off (no photos as it doesn't look much different to two posts ago), so I'm down to 19 projects!

I've also done some work yesterday and today on the ladders quilt.  It has been attached to the fleece blanket,

and most of the quilting has been done.  I have just used liberated / organic / free range / not-trying-too-hard-to-be-straight lines through the blue sashing, three, four or five roughly parallel lines.  I really enjoyed doing this, although there are lots of thread ends on the back to be sorted.  Not a 'Finish', but a bit closer to being one!

I also came off the list again after hearing that a friend, Nicky, has been in hospital having a lump removed which is almost certainly breast cancer.  (Mum, this is Nicky of the parent's 50th Anniversary quilt that you helped us with)

I have made her an "anti-ouch pouch" (see  It's a sort of underfilled pillow 'that hangs from the shoulder, fitting snugly under the arm to cushion the area after breast surgery or during radiation treatment.The wedge shape gently holds the arm away from the body when the user is standing. The strap holds the pillow in place without having to use sore arm muscles to “clutch” it.The strap is adjustable and the fiberfill may be adjusted via the overlapped opening.'

The photo is rubbish, but it gives an idea.  The fabric is brushed cotton that I picked up in the states last year, knowing there would be a time to use it - you probably can't see, but the pink splodges are the pink breast cancer ribbon.

I haven't spoken to Nicky herself, but Sue (a breast cancer survivor herself) says that Nicky is positive, and that the lump was spotted early.   Love you Nicky, thoughts and prayers are with you, Andy, Kate and Tom x x

Now I need to go and pack as tomorrow I'm off with 3 girlfriends for a spa break ... need to find some hand sewing for while we're sitting round the pool!


  1. I love the organic line quilting you did. It looks lovely. goes so nice with the pattern.

  2. The Ladders quilt is really lovely; the cushion is an inspired idea, sending good vibes your friend's way.
    Have a lovely break; grrr!

  3. Love the colors in your quilt. I started doing some of that straight line quilting and I love the results.


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