Friday 26 August 2011

Mug Rug Swap

There are lots of swaps happening in Blogland, and I don't normally join in.  Certainly when it comes to quilts, if I make one that I am pleased with i like to give it to someone I know, and if I'm not so please with it I couldn't give it to a stranger in a swap, so I figured swaps were not for me. 

However, you may notice a new button on the right side bar - yes I have caved in and joined Cindy (Fluffy Sheep Quilting) for a Mug Rug and goodie swap.  I have all of September to decide and make my partner's mug rug and goodie, and that should be enough time even for me.  It's not a direct swap so i wont necessarily be making for the person who is making for me, and I wont know who is making for me.

There is a Flickr group so we can see what each other likes, so I guess I'd better go off and learn how to play Flickr!

(and I wonder why I don't have any time?)

Meanwhile, I have been embroidering more school jumpers today, so while I (ie the machine) am doing each one, I (ie me) have been doing some hand sewing:

Hand quilting the Flying Geese

And hand sewing some embellishments onto some machine embroidered cards for a swap coming up.  I seem to have rather overdone the quantity, so if anyone would like one of these, let me have your snail mail address (by email,, not as a comment)  and I'll send you one!

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  1. Crikey you've been busy this month! I can hardly keep up with reading what you've been up to. Looks like you're having great fun!


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