Monday 8 August 2011

Problems with my Brother

Not my actual, biological, brother (hello Titch), but one of the Brothers I have paid good money for!

I came home from my lovely, relaxing Spa Break to a delivery of polo shirts that needed to have a company logo embroidered onto them.  I've done this several times before: same logo, same supplier of polo shirts, so I started the first one - the tension on the top thread was awful.  I re-threaded both thread and bobbin - no improvement, so I went and got the old machine out of the shed and used that for the next few shirts, meanwhile I tried another design on the newer machine.  The first 100 or so stitches were still far too loose, then, suddenly, it sorted it's life out and worked fine.

I tried a few more projects on the new machine until I was convinced it was behaving and then started on the polo shirts again.  Well i didn't get a photo of the first problem, but the second problem it decided to throw as me involved a bird's nest under the race which meant I needed to cut the shirt to release it from the nest!

Not impressed!

However - far more fun was the testing project.

Victoria from Boutique Uniquely has some great pins on her Pinterest boards, including some felt citrus coasters.  I thought they looked great and would be quick to stitch using the embroidery machine.  So in order to test the machine I stitched up seven of these: orange, grapefruit, lime and lemon.  These the machine liked making, the polo shirts, not so much!
I think I am going to load these onto my ETSY site and see if they sell


  1. Very cute! Hope you get the problem worked out. That must be so frustrating!!!

  2. I love the fruit and have come to follow you! Janine


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