Wednesday 3 August 2011

Has anyone seen my marbles?

Has anyone seen my marbles? As I have obviously lost them.

  • Next week I am going to the Festival of Quilts.  I will travel there (Birmingham) by train.  I have bought my ticket
  • There I will meet Jackie (as well, obviously as looking at quilts and spending money, but that is not relevant to the missing marbles)
  • Jackie and I will fly to Dublin.  I have bought my ticket
  • We will have a lovely time (of course)
  • I will fly back to the UK (I have bought my ticket)
  • I have a train ticket back from Birmingham pre-booked and paid for, at a time that is appropriate for the plane landing time

THE PROBLEM IS ... that I don't land back at Birmingham NEC airport.  I've booked my flight to Gatwick (bottom of the purple squiggly line), and my train from Birmingham (top of the purple line) about 140 miles away,

and I live ... well the route goes within a mile of my front door ... using my highly sophisticated pointer (OK, tip of a pair of scissors) I have pointed roughly to my house

Obviously my age is to blame - as it is for the grey hairs, the spare tyre, the inability to thread a needle, the losing of words, the personal tropical holidays, and the granny hairs on my chinny chin chin.

Whinge over, I'm now going to plead with someone to come and pick me up from Gatwick, tear up my useless train ticket, sob over the wasted money that equals about ten fat quarters, and try and find the plastic wallet with the flight tickets, the necessary train ticket and the FoQ ticket, as I've put that somewhere safe - gulp!


  1. It comes to us all! But I'm sure you'll have a lovely time regardless - and I'm equally sure you'll buy whatever 'must have' fat quarters you see. LOL xxx

  2. It can't be your age because I do things like that, too. Maybe it's motherhood that does that to us. Who knows. That is a bummer about the wasted money. You can't get a credit for a future ticket?

  3. Sit down, drink a nice cup of tea, and try to think of something else for a few minutes while your brain sorts it all out somewhere in it's depths. You're probably just too busy. That can be your story, anyway.

  4. That always happens when something is put somewhere safe - so safe that it can't be found!! I hope that you find someway of getting home from Gatwick (isn't there a Gatwick/Heathrow express bus or train?). That'll take you a bit nearer to home.
    When are you going to FoQ? I'll be there on Thursday and Friday.

    Hope you have a great time in Ireland and enjoy FoQ too.

  5. Oh dear Mum! *Face palm* !!


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