Saturday 12 March 2016

That Was The Week That ...

That Was The Week That ...lots of pictures of babies on my patchworks appears in my email in box or on Facebook

That Was The Week That ...I found a new home for my Eli patchwork

 That Was The Week That ... I helped a little girl make this Crafty Pony

With feet and all

And her mum bought the 3.5 kg of stuffing the instructions suggested ... I don't think we'll get it all in there!

 That Was The Week That ... I made some zippy pouches as birthday / thank you pressies

That Was The Week That ...I made a taggie for a teacher at school who is about to go on maternity leave

That Was The Week That ... I  embroidered one of two boxes of school uniforms

And last but by no means least

That Was The Week That ... my BFF sent me these photos from the Breast Cancer Unit at the local hospital, and sadly will be spending far too much time there over the next four months and will be sick and tired of this.

 If you are a praying person please pray for her and her family and friends as they (we) go on this journey.  If you are not a praying person, please think positive thoughts and keep everything crossed that there is a good outcome


  1. Lots of prayers winging their way over to your friend.

  2. prayers from here too, you have certainly been busy this last week with a great variety of projects. Wonder if the horse is stuffed yet

  3. Lovely to see all those babies enjoying your quilts but very sad news about you BFF. I will certainly keep everything crossed and think positive thoughts for her. I hope her treatment goes well and she makes a swift recovery :)

  4. Lovely babies and lovely other stuff. My thoughts for your friend are so genuine - do tell her about me - so many of us survive for years - hope her friends and family envelop her with love. XX

  5. What a week! I enjoyed the babies and quilts, but the news of your friend is a bummer. I'm really sorry to hear that. Prayers and hugs on their way from California.

  6. Oh my, everything is crossed for your friend, and she can have as many maple syrup hugs as she needs - my mom was a breast cancer survivor.

    All of your pictures and finishes are great - the baby/kiddo pictures make my heart sing, and my can't-wait-to-be-a-grandma urges kick into full swing, lol!

  7. Sorry to hear of your friend's illness Benta, hope everything works out for her. Love all of those happy babies on your quilts, what a great advert for all of your hard work they are :)

  8. Positive vibes, postative vibes, postative vibes! I will keep sending. Xxx


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