Tuesday 29 March 2016

What have you been doing?

I'm not working on any particular projects at the moment, but during a drive to my mums, and a day at hers, I tacked a whole load of La Passacaglia pieces and got this far on my third cog

Back at home I got fed up with my 2.5" strip drawer overflowing,

and inspired by this from Kitchen Table Quilting I started sewing the strips in pairs

and then trimming them to 4.5" squares.  It will take a while, but its a good enders and leaders project.

I also made some patches for the girlfriends I go away with each autumn - our last trip was to Gibraltar and we went on a dolphin spotting trip!

And I tidied my room so I can see nearly all of my workbench

And I machined binding onto three quilts ready for hand finishing

 I love school holidays!!!!


  1. That scrap quilt is gonna be a good one, I can tell already. You are a busy woman!

  2. This all looks great. It's pretty cool that you can custom make your own patches.

  3. such a good idea to join up those strips maybe I will do some too as I have finished my wadding roll having finally quilted some uilts, the |EPP is looking pretty and am I envious of that big cutting mat yes |i am

  4. It's harder, but nicer, work during the holidays!! lol

  5. That's the solution -- I need school holidays!
    Working on attacking/tackling my useless UFO problem. Buying more ziploc bags tonight after work and banishing them to another dimension.

  6. The pascalia looks so gorgeous and can´t wait to see your new top,sure will be a fantastic rainbow.

  7. You got a lot done during school holidays - sometimes I just want to work on all kinds of different things too :) I get a lot done, but not a lot completed - if you know what I mean! I've just finished up a couple of hand puppets for a gift ... now I'm looking through my pins and files to work on my Christmas gift list :D

  8. I love how you call that 'not working on any particular projects'! You've got a great collection on the go and it sounds like your steaming ahead with them :)

  9. Benta - how do you fit it all in. I am at home all day and seldom get anything worthwhile done. By the time I shop, clean, cook, it is almost impossible to get to the crafting.


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