Sunday 3 April 2016

Look What We've Made

This trip to Ireland has been a bit different to previous visits - the usual sewing, yes, but the chats have been a bit more emotional!  I'm not blogging about the elephant in the room bcause we all know he's there and he deserves to be ignored (when we're not cursing him or calling him very unkind but well deserved  names!)

So let's look at what we've made!

We had some paper like fabric ( sell it here) and had a go at embroidering on it then sewing it

I love the way it crumples, but the embroidery worked like perforation 

We'll revisit that!

We made some boxy pouches (link to instructions here)

And a chemo carryall for Jackie to take everything we can think of: blanket, kindle, iPod, water, purse, knitting/sewing  etc (no link - made it up as we went along, but very loosely based on the Everyday Tote bag)

You can see we are loving this new fabric from IKEA!

Home tomorrow but we should get some more sewing done first!!!


  1. Oh is that the (new?) Kraft-Tex paper/fabric? I bought some a few weeks ago but haven't taken it out of the package yet! Sorry about your embroidery problem though - that sucks :( Pretty bags - I've made a boxy bag or two in my life - they're SO useful :D Those make-up cases are a nice shape - which pattern are they? That isn't a design I've tackled before!

  2. not come across the paper/fabric before, lucky you having some time in Ireland, have only been to Dublin and Belfast and was working at the stitching shows so did not see much of the city. Liking the new Ikea fabric think i will have to go this week you have put it to good use with some great pouches

  3. I have two rolls of that leathery paper stuff I've had for years!! I must dig it out!! That fabric is superb too, love it!!

  4. WOW! .. letting me comment.. quick before Blogger changes its mind ... love the fabric you chose for the bags xx Lovely that you CAN be there to give support x

  5. You've both got lots done, as always. The Ikea fabric is fun ans that paper fabric looks interesting. As Diane says, it's great you can be there, hugs :)


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