Thursday 7 April 2016

Elephant Fun

I was contacted recently by a Chertsey mum asking if I could help her daughter with her A'level (*) art work project (due in in six weeks). She wanted to do some screen printing - could I help?

(A'level = Advanced level, usually 4 subjects studied from age16-18, at college)

We finally got together today and had a lovely play!!!!

First M used the thermofax screens to get an idea of how to print (I think she got the hang of it, don't you)

Then we looked at stamping and blue glue batik (both can be done by M without any special equipment) before moving on to making our own screen prints. This part was new to me too, but what fun!

My first screen was this geometric design: I used the positives as well as the negatives

M meanwhile cut out an elephant shape, and again used both the cut out elephant and the paper with an elephant shaped hole

She printed several sheets using the same stencil

And then moved on to fabric

Thank you for a great afternoon, M, I had a fab time, and I wish you all the very best with your A'level. I hope you can send me some pics of your final project, and do let me know what your teacher says of your samples!!!


  1. Good luck M - I bet you had fun with B!! :D I think I need to sign up for a class with you too, Benta - you always have such fun projects and techniques on the go!

  2. Re: My most recent email.
    The answer is to be specific as to what you expect. I'll add my good luck wishes to M too.

  3. a talented young lady and so good of you to share your skills with her I expect she will be back for more brain picking!

  4. Well done on making your own


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