Tuesday 5 April 2016

The Internet is A Wonderful Place

I remember when we started using the Internet - there was concerns that emails would be the death of real mail, and all our posties would be out of work.

In fact, what has happened is we shop much more on-line so we get postal deliveries from shops, and we make friends on line and get postal deliveries from them too!

I found a group on Facebook called the $7 Quilt. The explanation was:
I went to a garage sale and this lady was selling 2 buckets full of 2.5 squares and triangles already cut up ( traced with pencil and cut by scissors). I told her she should keep it and finish a quilt with it, and she said no that she wanted to get rid of it. I bought it for $7.00. I have made a king size quilt with it and still have a lot of fabric left. Some fabric is great, others are real thin, but I use them anyway just for the story of the quit. In the process I have added fabric to the buckets and it has grown... [An] idea I have is to sell it for $7.00 and the next person could make a quilt and add some more fabric and sell it for $7.00 and see how long it would take to run out and how many quilts it would make. 

I joined the US group, but then found there was a UK group too - called the £7 Quilt, and I joined that too.  I expected to lurk for a while and see what happened on the group, but within a few days I was asked for my address as the 'bucket' (actually a bag; much easier to post) was ready to be sent to me!!!

So this arrived from a lovely lady called Jane

At about the sometime there was a post on a yahoo group I dip in and out of: UKandoGroup: Sue asked if any one does "craft for charity or know someone who does please". I replied telling her about Crafty Church, and she sent me this package:

Jane said not to pay the £7 as she hadn't paid originally, and additionally neither lady has accepted anything for postage, so I will make two donations to Cancer Research, and I am sitting here trying not to dribble on the lovely fabrics and decide what I can do with the £7 Quilt pieces, and what the Crafty Church ladies could do with Sue's donations


  1. Wow Benta - do I spy some Laurel Burch fabrics in that bundle? They are my long term favourites - how lovely that you will be working with them.

  2. Wow Benta, sounds fantastic! Those fabrics are really beautiful and I know you will make beautiful quilts with them! x Teje

  3. Beautiful fabrics and i love the bucket idea :-)

  4. Brilliant idea regarding the bucket of fabric. Sounds like a great way to share the stash :)

  5. I love the $7 bucket idea too. I've only seen the contents in $5 boxes so far. I will spread the story.
    I have total faith in you making a super quilt out of hodge-podge fabrics.
    Some triangles and squares might have cleared UK customs as we speak....

  6. This sounds like it would be a nice way to "pay it forward" with fellow quilters. I would be interested someday to participate. I have to put the group in the back of my mind for the future.

  7. what a lovely selection of fabrics you have there not heard of either group, might have to investigate

  8. Aren't we part of a lovely community Benta? Have fun playing with your colourful new fabrics!


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