Wednesday 6 April 2016

Back Up A Bit

I was so excited to show you some of the sewing that Jackie and I did, and then the squishies that arrived, that I missed Friday's Fun With fabric class and then Monday's sewing with Jackie!

Jackie is great a making quilt blocks, and quite often puts them together, and even gets them quilted occasionally, but I think she'll agree that they sit around in various stages not actually getting to the 'finished' stage.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not having a dig - I have just as many UFOs, and none are are beautiful, or as complicated, as hers, but I feel they should be finished so they can be used and loved (or put in the 'finished' cupboard!)

So on Monday we turned our attention to these three beauties

We found fabric, pressed it, cut it, joined it, pressed it again and machined it to the front. Now Jackie can sit and sew and they'll be done in no time!

On Friday I introduced the Chertsey Museum ladies to Foundation Piecing.  There was a variety of options for them: I had some Courthouse Step foundation fabric, some pineapple block, and some ordinary Flying Geese - all bought from here  which some ladies wanted to use,

The others felt brave enough to try either the 1/4 New York Beauty or the 1/4 Circle of Flying Geese - or even both!

They didn't get far as it's only a 90 minute session and there was lots of ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over the samples (especially Jen's stunning wall hanging)

But all have gone home with homework and at least one piece of foundation fabric, if not 4!!!!


  1. Wow! well done Friday ladies and extremely well done to you and J for making progress on her quilts! Always good to head to the finish of a UFO!!

  2. I had never heard of foundation fabric by the yard. So interesting to see different types of quilty helpers.
    I need you as well for finishing quilts. I can see me making two blocks but Jackie is way head of me getting most of them done - in time for you to swoop in and flog your selvages at her.

  3. LOL now THAT is fun homework! For Jackie's quilts do you mean it was binding that you added? If so, that means she's at 3rd base ready to come to home and get them finished - I bet she's chomping at the bit now to get working on them - they're beautiful! I especially like the colours and design of the first one :)

  4. Love Jackie's quilts. Such lovely colours. Looking forward to seeing the homework results.

  5. Fabulous,love the fabric combo and design.Sewing with friends is great.

  6. quilts look wonderful, I should have been at your FPP class have a total mental block on it your ladies did well

  7. How could you not oooh and ahhhh over such fab work!

  8. those quilts certainly needed to be finished x beautiful x

  9. Jackie's quilts are gorgeous and finishing them will be a nice way to pass the time. I hope she's feeling ok. And Crafty Church is becoming a masterclass. I'm looking forward to seeing the homework :)


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