Saturday 16 April 2016

A Flock of Felt Friends

I had a long day yesterday, but the evening work made up for all the daytime work!

Eight ladies at Chertsey Museum for the Craft & Wine evening . . . making Felt Birds

They are so easy - A big circle of felt for the body, and another about two inches less in diameter for the wings. a small triangle of yellow for the beak, two beads or buttons for eyes and a few lengths of ribbon for the tail (cut to length, arrange and stitch a few holding stitches.)

Stitch the small circle to the big circle.  Create a hanging thread in the centre,  Fold in half, sew on the eyes.  Start to sew the bird closed enclosing the tail ribbons at one end and the beak at the other, remember to push in stuffing before stitching it closed.

Cute eh?


  1. Pretty nice and sounds easy to do.Love them all.Have a great weekend.

  2. I can see these strung together as a flock.

  3. Craft and Wine - sounds like my kind of evening :)

  4. Craft and Wine - sounds like my kind of evening :)

  5. what fun you must have all had making these

  6. Oh those are just cute and fun - great way to use up scraps and bits and pieces, and then to have a cute flock to show for your efforts :D (I thought the first picture was a bunch of zipper bags when I first saw it, lol!)


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