Saturday 9 April 2016

Fourth Box of Fun

This fourth goodie box is HUGE! When I opened a fabric package from Sue I was delighted, but had no idea that it was one of two packages!

Box two was filled with sewing stuff:

Threads, button packs, lots of felt, ribbons, cording, a yo-to maker, wool and a knitting video.


Loads of paper craft goodies:

Stencils, shrinkie sheets, coloured papers and cellophane, stamps, card blanks, flowers petals, paint brushes, sticky glue dots, glue and washi tapes

Sue: this is amazing, thank you so much!  I've got Kids' Crafty Church this afternoon, and Crafty Church next Saturday - they are going to have a great time!!!!


  1. some great things in this box for your classes such fun unpacking and finding what there is there

  2. Fun squared, in a box! I have shrinkie sheets downstairs - I like playing with them, lol!


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