Friday 8 April 2016

Good Things Come In . . . Fours!!!!

After the excitement on Wednesday with my two packages, I've now had a further TWO donation deliveries!

One came from Kathy in Oregon USA. Kathy works for the US post office: she usually blogs about planes, yard sale finds, and sewing projects, but also blogs about the rural postal count each spring. Posties are paid based on the post count during a two week period, so Kathy does swaps and Pay-it-forward this time of year. I sent a few packages to her, and today I got an amazing package! (Kathy knows how to get the most out of her postal fees)

She sent me lots of fabric squares and triangles, and some map envelopes,

And loads of blue and yellow scraps as well as HST blocks, 4 patch, and flying geese

AND ... A kit to make a pop up clutter catcher (see her own version here) and a lovely hand made card!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kathy!

The fourth package . . . I'll show you tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh my word! Quilting karma is great, isn't it?!? Great to hear about your packages so far - and great to be able to comment directly on the blog, I have no idea what has changed!!

  2. What a fab package to get :-)

  3. I see these packages of cut out triangles and squares all the time at garage sales. I know they will be thrown out if I don't buy them. I have learned to send them to you as it is always inspiring to see them used instead of thrown out.

  4. lots of goodies in this package, you can get on with some Christmas pieces now

  5. I like all the goodies, but the envelopes make me want to go on a road trip, loL!


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