Saturday 26 March 2016

Bodging A Bag

For a while now I've been making variations of the Everyday tote from For my little monster.

For the last 7 months I've used both of these that I made in August last year, and decided it was time for a change

Jackie and I have made at least 8 versions of this bag over the years, and this time I was happy to ditch the instructions and go it alone - bodging as I went

I used faux leather / pleather for the base, I orientated it landscape rather than portrait, I made a body strap rather than two shoulder straps, and I totally changed(*) the full width external zip pocket

I have previously added slip pockets in the lining for my phone, but this time I made more of  welt pocket which I can secure with a button if I need to, and I added slip pockets to both sides inside

I added two small zip pockets inside, and one outside, and (*) I added a suitcase handle pocket like I created for one of my Barbados bags

I'm delighted with it: hardly any un-sewing required, it's comfortable to wear, and holds ALL my cr@p


  1. Can't wait to meet it, hope your up top making it again :-)

  2. what a great creation you have here

  3. Great bag - I love it when a bag can hold all of our cr*p, and in an organized manner :D LOL @ kathy's comment - very apropos!

  4. Great customisation of that pattern. It looks lovely and sounds very handy :)


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