Saturday 19 March 2016

Saturday Sort Out

Today I've completed a few things in the sewing room:

I have finished this quilt for a very good friend who is leaving school

It is hand quilted, and even labeled!!!

And pre-loved by a cat!

I made gifts for two staff leaving the other school I work at

 I cut all my new fabrics into 8" squares for I-Spy quilts

And trimmed the left overs into 4" x 8" for Brickwall I-Spy quilts, and pieces suitable for my I-Spy hexagon quilt AND the selvedge edge quilt that is under long term construction!


And then I went to play at Crafty Church - those pics will follow another day!


  1. Preloved by a kitty is The Best - I'm sure the quilt passed a thorough inspection :D It's beautiful - particularly the echo-type quilting in the white spaces :) Nice notebook cover and taggy as well - your friends/co-workers are sure to be very pleased with your beautiful creations :)

  2. I love the colours in the quilt. A very productive time :-)

  3. lovely quilt for your friend and love how you have personalised a label on it. Good job all that cutting now you can get stitching

  4. Wow you are productive! Love that quilt and the hand stitching.

  5. You've made a lovely collection of gifts. Your quilt is especially beautiful. I love the colours against the white :)

  6. I really like the colours in the quilt


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