Tuesday 14 July 2015

A Meeting, and Modern and Me

Richmond and Kew Quilters' July meeting was last night, and the lovely lovely Jo Avery from Bearpaw and Bearpaw was our speaker.  She did a fab talk on Modern quilts, and mentioned that some of the defining characteristics are colours (rainbow fabrics for example) simplifying methods for quick results, and using fabric in an unusual way, for example using selvedge edges.

Well I certainly can tick the first two boxes, and she reminded me of my selvedge edge project.  May I am a Modern Quiter!  Two ladies also donated some more selvedge edges, and today I dragged the UFO out from the depths of a box, and have part stitch and part pinned the next round:

It's going to be a heavy one, but I love how its looking!

A couple of copies of 50 Fat Quarter Makes happened to slip into my bag last night - kindly signed by Jo.  Happy Birthday Jackie!

Jo and I have been blog buddies for at least 4 years (I found my first mention of you, Jo, April 2011!) and it was fab to actually meet her - her work is awesome, and I can see a lot of her influence in my quilts!

One of the quilts she brought to show was this dotty scrappy trip:

She made it a few years ago, and that was when I started collecting dotty fabrics.  When I finally cut into some last week I chose a more muted collection, but I had the fabrics to choose from thanks to Jo!

I have done some more work on my dotty tumblers, and they are now ready to have the binding stitched down . . . that will be in the cooler weather!

I was inspired to try an inner border after seeing Plum's Heart It finish


  1. Everytime I run across a customer who is psychotic about their internet conspiracy theories, I feel sorry for them not being able to discover the sewing blogs and peoples who inspire me each and every day.
    (thus says the fed.gvmt. employee whose identity has been handed over on a platter to everyone). I think the good outweighs the bad and I have met good friends who sew from the far corners of the planet who love to share and inspire.

  2. sounds like it as a fun evening, I too have the book. re modern quilting I not sure I understand it as I go to a group but have been told what i have done is nice "but it isn`t modern quilting Margaret"!! Your tumblers are looking good, love the dark background you have used for it

  3. Great work on the tumblers, Benta! have you seen that Bonnie Hunter has a tiny tumblers as her Leader and Ender project this year?
    Lots in the book that me and my DDs want to make this summer!

  4. Sounds like you had a great meeting Benta! The selvedge quilt looks amazing.

  5. Superb selvedges Benta. I'm sorry I missed that meeting, as I am still truly puzzled by the "Modern Quilting" definition.

  6. Aw what a lovely post Benta! I am so happy to have inspired you and to have 'enabled' you to buy more fabric ;) And it was so lovely to actually meet you and your very friendly fun group!


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