Thursday 30 July 2015

Bits and Bobs

I've been off school for a week now, but haven't managed half the sewing I had hoped for!

There have been relatives to collect from one place and take to another, walls to unpaint and then paint (his job, not mine), the shed to de-clutter and tidy, and coursework to be done

Inspired by Pinterest!

 but I have managed to intersperse *some* sewing!

I have finished the Dotty Tumblers

And made some bunting for a friend from her girls' old school uniform

I've done some customer embroidery

And I've made some more Sweet Sixteen blocks: some for me and some for Jackie

I've also made a start on a woven quilt using fruit and veg fabrics I bought, and used half of, at least 4 years ago.  I'm doing pretty much the same thing again, but annoyingly I've run out of black so I cant make the missing blocks

Oh dear - I might have to go fabric shopping!


  1. You need to go fabric shopping after unpainting! Who does that? We just paint over old paint. Or irremovable wallpaper paste.

  2. Fabric shopping sounds better than painting and unpainting. Great Tumblers quilt finish!

  3. That looks pretty industrious to me! Don't forget to take some of the black you have with you. There's no such thing as black black.

  4. well... if that's what you manage when you don't achieve much .... GOOD GRIEF what will you do when you TRY!!!! lol x

  5. Shopping for fabric now there's a very pleasant thought :-) I love the tumblers

  6. That's quite a bit for a week! I know I always have bigger plans than I can every get to. I have a running list of things to do, and it keeps changing and growing.

  7. looks like you have done quite a bit to me, love the tumbler. Will be heading to creative grids at FOQ fo a tumbler template, the woven quilt looks good too tempted to try that but so much on the go at the moment do not know where I am up to. Know that I need no more fabric, well I thought that was so until I checked out my stash for some sashing and yes had to go and buy some more!

  8. Fabric shopping - always a bonus! Lovely finishes - and I love your shelves full of piccys, a great way to display them.
    Tumblers quilt looks good!

  9. That's about as much sewing as I'd hope for in a year! It all looks great. I especially love your tumblers and bunting :)

  10. Busy girl,love all your projects ,the Sweet Sixteen blocks caught my eye,can´t wait to see them finished!!

    Have a fun month.

  11. I am worn out just reading this Benta :)


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