Sunday 5 July 2015

Three Days With the Bestie

Jackie has been over for three days, which has led to a craft filled long weekend - a great time!

We started with an afternoon at Chertsey museum - painting hessian (jute / burlap) bags

And we spent Friday night with washing lines! Yes, four 15m cotton washing lines and two sewing machines and we ended up with these

Saturday morning introduced us to the joys of Dorking: The Quilt Room, Gillian's GladRags, and Georgous Gerties: possibly the best shop in the world!   I love Dorking!

Saturday afternoon saw two more Everyday Tote bags being created

Sunday morning showed us how to make mega credit card wallets - holding 38 cards each,

and purses and glasses cases.

And in the hour before having to take her back to the airport we managed to whip up these two from Noodle-head's design!

 Thank you for a fab weekend Jackie - roll on August!!!


  1. Phew Benta, I'm exhausted just reading about that lot. I've managed one 6x4 postcard this weekend!

  2. You made the CC wallets!
    You two are amazing in your productivity --- all while talk,talk,talking.

    And keep making those clothesline bowls - so I won't have to.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. handy stuff there! sounds like a great time.

  5. very impressive so much created along with lots of gossip and no doubt the odd glass of wine. The card holder looks just what I need not that I have lots of credit cards but lots of other things that I could use it for

  6. Sorry about the deleted comment, it involved bad spelling and trying to type when I was too tired :-(
    You forgot to mention the four mile walk we did!!
    When you read the list we really did do a lot :-)

  7. So, when's the shop opening!!! :-)

  8. You were both hideously productive, further putting the rest of us to shame! Wonderful makes!

  9. What were you both on??? Whatever it was you should market it :)


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