Wednesday 22 July 2015

Griping about Google & some Crafty Stuff

A few years ago I changed my blog address from to  I did it on a whim, and if I could turn back time I would not have done it!

At first my blog vanished for a while, then last year I had problems paying my renewal fee ( I blogged about it here).  I eventually discovered I had to log into, and update my credit card information, so when I got this year's renewal email I checked on the above post and checked my credit card details and sat back smugly,

BUT - this time that wasn't the right place to update the card info - it seems they sometime look somewhere else!  It's taken me a month, but I've finally sussed it - I have to log on here using an email address I never use - I don't even know how I can use it! (B@SS.COM), using a password that I haven't used for years (SS) and change a different saved credit card option. [Billings/Domain Registration / Access Billing Ac]

So now I have it saved here ready for getting hopelessly lost next year!

But because no blog post in compete without a photo or two . . .

Jackie's My Small World is looking awesome

I embroidered a blanket for my Great Aunt, and mum has delivered it

Lesley at Crafty Church embroidered this for her sister

And my God Daughter created and machine stitched this for a friend

Oh, and Lisa received her Christmas Quilt

That'll be FOUR layers now on her bed - a bit like the princess and the pea!


  1. knock on wood here -- I never switched form Blogspot to anything. Everyone, it seems was moving to wordpress or ?
    A year or so into the blog, google contacted me and said I used up too much photo space. Different options - still in MB's in those days so I paid the cheapest option $ 5 for (I can't recall how many - 20mb?) and thought, well this is gonna get expensive.
    I have never been contacted again, nor would I ever remember how to get there again. Knock on wood and good on you for putting your memory into the blog!

  2. so far I have not been asked to pay for my blog, fingers crossed it will not happen as it is all too confusing! Your my small world is coming along well, have 2 ladies at out MQG who are also doing it, far too fiddly for me to attempt, lots of other nice photos too you have shared today

  3. I always have trouble remembering my login for paying my domain renewal too, it's always an old email or password I don't use! Thankfully my hosting is looked after by a very reliable IT bloke so I just wait for the invoice to come in :)

  4. Isn't technology wonderful Benta??

  5. google must spend THOUSANDS thinking up ways to confuse and annoy its users!!... wish they would just give the money away instead... Im available if they want to contact me xx lol xx

  6. Google garbage, not amusing. There's something far more frustrating than average frustration about online or computer stuff that doesn't go right...I think! The sewing stuff is lovely- especially the embroidered 'word' sewing machine! Love the colours in the small world quilt.

  7. Well done on getting it all sorted!
    Love Jackie's MSW - I was tempted to start this along with the other half of the world (!) but decided that it would be one step too far at the moment!


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