Tuesday 20 May 2014

Griping about Google

Some years ago I decide I would like my blog name to be SLIKstitches.com rather than SLIKstitches.blogspot.com: a small change, but the idea made me happy, and for £10 a year I figured it was a good plan.


The switchover was a problem, and for a few weeks I thought I had lost my blog, but eventually I found an on-line geek who could understand the problem, and give me a solution - yippee.

The next few years I spent days before the anniversary trying to update the payment details; so last year I wrote notes on how to find the info. 

So a few days ago my email arrives

And I wonder whether last years' notes will help at all
 Ah, probably not

So I follow the link


I don't have so how am I supposed to click it?

A bit of Googling and it turns out that I need wallet.google.com. 

So, for *this* year I am sorted - and next year I'll check this post and see how much they have changed again!


  1. And all this is supposed to be intuitive ??? Glad you got it sorted out for another year Benta.

  2. Very glad you are sorted for another year, it would be too awful if the blog disappeared

  3. I've been thinking about getting a dot com for my blog - but this sounds a bit of a nightmare! Glad you got it sorted though :o)

  4. google drives me CRAZY!!!!!!

  5. Google is a nightmare! I'm glad you sorted it out :)


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