Thursday 1 May 2014

Odds and Sods

Nothing really to report in the way of sewing, but Helen (from Archie the Wonder Dog) and I had a chat about tiny blocks (unnecessarily tiny some might say *).I mentioned a tiny hexi piece that I'd started, but when she asked if it was on the blog I realised it might not be, so here is ha"penny hexi: each flower is about the size of an old English halfpenny (ha'penny) coin
(* the discussion started because Helen made some *tiny* leaf blocks where the blocks were an insane 3/4 inch! Click here to look)
While I was looking for the ha'penny hexi piece, I also found my Aussie Hexies: 79 of them joined to two triangles, and I don't think I've shown these for ages:
These diamonds are waiting to become stars:

Annoyingly I have no solid red fabric left for border or binding, and have no idea whose it was or where i got it, so there will have to be some creative finishing!
I did make some bunting a few days ago:

And Lisa has met up with Brendan and by now they should be on the road to Colorado!


  1. I'm very impressed those tiny blocks you and Helen are making! I'd never have the patience :)

  2. I can't believe anyone would make those teeny hexies! You are a superstar, Benta! Sweet bunting too!

  3. Those hexies really are tiny, aren't they? I'm tempted to make a miniature quilt soon - whilst my eyes might still manage it - but it's 'in the queue' so don't expect action on it anytime soon!

  4. Blimey, they're tiny! I take my hat off to you! *bows*


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