Sunday 4 May 2014

Sunday Strings

I'm meeting the ladies from our House Group tonight so I thought I'd better attach the latest finished string blocks to the others, so they can see what they've achieved - they just need to finish the last five blocks and this one will be ready for binding. 

I wonder if they are up for doing another one?  I can probably find enough fabric!!!

I have also dug out another strings project: Last (hangs head in shame) April Jen sent me some strings that she had, telling me that "it would be a LONG while before I use them" 

Well I think 13 months may be an even longer time than Jen anticipated, but after making another six blocks in November,this pile has sat waiting for a purpose.

My lovely little Miss M at school is being attacked by chemo, and infections, and hair loss and all the general horribleness of being in hospital rather than at home, so lots of mum's friends are fund raising for M, Mum and little sister L to go to Euro Disney when she's feeling up to it.

Jen has daughters herself of the same sort of ages, and has recently posted about going to Disney with them (California rather than Paris!) so I am sure she will be happy for me to finish this quilt, and donate it from the two of us as a fund raising item: it's so bright and cheerful - I'm sure it will help raise money for their trip!

All 20 stitched in pairs today: maybe I'll get a bit done tomorrow.

And a bit off topic:  My lovely bestie Jackie is a GRANDMA!!!!!  The long awaited grandson finally arrived today - mother and baby fine; grandmother exhausted after the longest day of her life!  Love you Jackie!

And the latest photos from Lisa's road trip

(Bless, Geography wasn't her strong point!)


  1. To be honest, unless you are next to a Monument, it all does look the same down there.

  2. Love your colorful strings blocks.Have a great week!!

  3. Thank you for the good wishes I never realised how hard it is being a grandma!!!

  4. Whew, you've been a busy lady this week! And to be fair, Utah does go into Arizona... It's all red too ;o)

  5. I couldn't be happier that those blocks were used for a great cause.

  6. Those pretty string blocks were just waiting to be sewn up for an important purpose!

  7. Loving the strings blocks Benta, hope your quilt raises lots of cash for M' s trip.

  8. Gorgeous string blocks! Good luck with the fundraising :)


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