Sunday 25 May 2014

Beautiful Baby and Bodger Brian

I didn't get any sewing done yesterday as we were celebration this beautiful baby

turning into this amazing 20 year old

Happy Birthday Niki, love you

Husband is an odd job man - it's what he does to keep the wolf from the door: he fits kitchens and bathrooms, fixes computers, mends things, moves radiators or light switches . . .  you get the picture.  The down side is that my house doesn't get much attention, but the upside is that if he gets it into his head to solve a problem he doesn't stop until it is solved!

I have quite a lot of sewing stuff that lives in my car: easy to unload when I have a class . I have bought some stackable Euro crates, and a dolly with wheels to take then from car to class.

I generally do this by fixing the stuff with bungee cords and holding the top and using that as a handle.  The downside is that I stack more stuff than I *need* to get it tall enough that I can push it like that.

Husband's choice of reading matter is usually ScrewFix, Maplins and RS Components catalogues, and he commented that here was a Euro dolly for sale in RS Components, with a handle.  Well the price was nearly double the cost of the dolly alone, and I couldn't buy just a handle, so I figured that was the end of that - until an hour later he called me down to show me his latest bodge:

He taken tent poles from a long defunked tent (of course he didn't throw the poles away with the cover - they might be useful one day); bent them at 90o about 2" from the ends, and heated the bend so it's permanent, and they now wedge into the holes at the ends of the dolly, so I have removable handles!

Bless his cotton socks!


  1. Well isn't he clever! Your girl is beautiful

  2. well done Brian xx ... now you just need to grab his interest in the house xx lol x lovely picture of your daughter xx

  3. Well done Brian aren't you the clever one being the proud father of that gorgeous 20 year old, well done to Benta too :-) and well done on that very clever handle! Happy birthday Niki xx

  4. Good job on snagging a hubby who can fix things.


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