Friday 23 May 2014

Big is Best

I've made a few bags (reversible tote bags) recently that have finished smaller than I wanted - you would think I would learn but it has taken me a while but I think I've cracked it!

I made a biiiig bag for Jackie's daughter and decided that was the size I wanted too, so I made one side then left it until I'd got some fabric for the other side.

Well Lisa came home with these fabrics for me (amongst others!)

So once I'd got this lot out of my sewing room

I started to finish the bag.  Do you remember I put pockets into a bought tunic a few weeks ago?  The method had stayed in my mind as a possibility for bag pockets.  Not in the side, but in the top of the bag.

This picture shows what I tried to do.  So the method had sort of stayed with me, but if you've ever put in seam pockets you'll see what I didn't see at this stage - my pockets are going to have flowers on the outside - the hidden side!

Never mind

I have an enormous (22 x 21 x 5) tote bag that I love, it is fun hessian (burlap / jute) on the outside, and big flowers with deep patch pockets on the inside

. . . And has two seam pockets: one between each ends of each handles, and I'm ready to take pretty much anything anywhere!


  1. well done .. it looks great x

  2. I like the ikea fabric paired with burlap. Good idea on the extra pockets.

  3. Great job, Benta! I'm just planning to make a bag and can't decide which ikea fabric to use. Yours is beautiful and great idea to make it reversable. x Teje

  4. What a great idea with the jidden pockets...why didnt i think of that ?!
    I love the fabrics Lisa brought you !!!

  5. Great bag - those pockets are perfect :)

  6. Great idea! Love the fabric too.


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