Saturday 19 April 2014

Blooming Big Bag (and Basting and a Quilt Top)

When I arrived in Dublin we went to Ikea, partly for supper (mmmmm meatballs), and Jackie's daughter, Sabrina fell in love with a large scale flower print we saw in the fabric department - so while Jackie knocked up meals for six for two days, I knocked up a BIG bag for Sabrina (big enough for all the kit required when you have a baby, or for the baby itself?)

(the fabric was cut as 23" square!)


We also pieced, basted, quilted and machined the binding to the front of this woodland animals quilt


And basted this gorgeous rainbow spiral hexi (Jackie says you'll be sick of seeing it, but I don't think you can ever be sick of this!)


And sizzix cut 90+ big grey hexies for a new project,


and a couple of hundred smaller hexies for a friend of ours (hello Janet)


A day well spent!



  1. I'm liking the look of those hexies : )

  2. Hi Benta! Great use for that fun Ikea fabric! I'm happy to see the hexie quilt as I was trying to plan in my mind something similar - glad to see it Works well! Little quilt with animals is also beautiful and cute! x Teje

  3. That's a lovely big print, just right for a bag

  4. My word - busy girls! Lovely projects, all of them!

  5. Good to see you're not lounging around with your feet up ;o)

  6. Oh it was the perfect weekend :-)

  7. I love the bag and the animal quilt is adorable!

  8. love the woodland creatures quilt!


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