Saturday 5 April 2014

Pinwheels and Plum

A lovely surprise was waiting when I got home a few days ago - the lovely Plum has sent me some selvedge edges - they look like the edges to her seriously yummy purple quilt.  Thank you Plum, have a great Easter :-)

Thanks for all the suggestions as to what to do with Tara's fabrics and the proposed pinwheel quilt.  I played around with the fabric and the different suggestions, but rather than using stencils, (thanks Sue) I did some very basic work with the paint program, and came up with these ideas

Using the flowery fabric as blocks, and matching a colour and using it as a solid for the pinwheels and for sashing, and a small section would look like this

Or using the flowers for the pinwheels and the geometric fabrics as the blocks.  I have shown the same piece of fabric for each sail of the pinwheel, but in reality they wont be the same, but I can select 'best fit' when I come to assemble them, so a small section could look like this

Or all pinwheels with added solid.  Here I have shown a small section of the flowery pinwheels with different sections of the fabric

Hadley asked about quantity: there is a yard each of the blue with cream, and of the flowery, with about a yard and a half of the yellow with blue.

Tara: any of these could instead be set on point - at 45 degrees, to have a very different look: the second green one becomes this

OK, my eyes are square, and I'm done for the evening - suggestions please on a post card!


  1. I like the ones that show the big floral print inside the squares and the geometrics inside the pinwheels. But I do love a floral print, especially a big one, so I would show them off the most.
    LOVE the on-point idea too!

  2. I like the pinwheels with the yellow solid Benta and love the on point variation!

  3. I like the top arrangement, using squares that feature sections of the bold big print. With the others it seems to lose that quality of that print and large sections of the small prints don't seem to have same impact. That's my initial thoughts, but the important one is what Tara thinks. It'll be interesting to see how it goes.

  4. The big print in squares as the first one and on point!! :D

  5. Aw, shucks, thanks for the name check! Have you ever thought about a disappearing pin wheel? (Exciting, or does it just make your head hurt?) Make a pinwheel (2 squares face together, sew all around the edges, cut on the know how). Then cut it into thirds in each direction. You get a little pin wheel left in the middle then you get to turn the other bits around to see which design you like best...... go on, you know you want to go and play with it now!

  6. Definitely time to pass the choice over to the recipient!

  7. I like the last option, well I like them all really but the last one especially!


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