Sunday 20 April 2014

Panic Production Line

Ahhh, two hours until I have to go home, think, think, what can we make / learn / teach?

Jackie showed me how to make a lined zippy pouch (can you send me the link Jackie, so I can make one again?) ( new to me - a successful zip, and fusible wadding)

And we learnt (thank you Hadley!  Link to Svetlana's post with instructions here) how to make lined drawstring bags, so we made one

Then another 

And a few more

And with 20 minutes sewing time left, made two more!!!!!

Do I HAVE to go home :-(


  1. I think you might need to come home for a rest ;o)

  2. I almost made you one of those drawstring bags - it was pinned to my computer but decided the zipped flat bag was more interesting.

    You have been sewing up a storm!

  3. Can you come back tomorrow after you have had your rest, there is a 'few' other things we could probably have a go at!


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