Monday 21 April 2014

Lots Left Over

After Jackie and I made serious inroads into Tara's quilt there was fabric left over so I packed it all into my case and brought it home. I know lots of bloggers have been on a fabric diet this year: I haven't, but I have been trying to use up all the fabrics bought for a project, rather than keeping scraps in case they are useful one day.

With this in mind, I looked at Tara's left overs, and at the minkie she sent but I couldn't use, and thought about her two littlies, and got stitching.

Amazingly I managed to squeeze four triangles from the tshirt and from the baby gro (onesie) she sent me, and even more astonishingly my rough calculations were spot on: these two used up the extra fabric she sent, plus the clothes, plus all the minkie, I just need to get a bit more Kona for all the binding

Not a particularly specific design, but as a use-it-up project I'm delighted to be able to send two snuggle quilts that match mummy's quilt


  1. It looks gorgeous and love your design!!

  2. That's a lovely idea - well done on stretching that fabric to fit.

  3. using it up is what its all about xx

  4. How lovely! Two more yummy quilts!

  5. These look great and they were a very resourceful idea - win, win!

  6. Sometimes things are just meant to be. :-)


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