Saturday 26 April 2014

Friday's Final Fun With Fabric

The evening class yesterday was making bunting, I had a whole load of large men's shirts donated and the museum had got some more - so *plenty* of shirts:

I was expecting (gulp) 13 ladies - and then we had two walk-ins too, so 15 in all.  We looked at different types of bunting (the hessian/burlap was much admired Kathy!) and how we *could* stitch two triangles back to back, turn through and press, but the evening was far too short for that method!

We worked out the most economical was to get most triangles with least cutting and then I let them attack the shirts!

We also looked at appliqué, how to use heat'n'bond (without getting any stuck to the iron, yay!). And how frixon pens could replace the need to work out mirror writing!

Several ladies got flags sewn to bias binding, others spent the evening cutting zillions of triangles, or appliquéing words onto their collection of triangles  with a view to machine sewing (or in one case stapling!!!!) this weekend, 

It went really well!  There are still loads of shirts left, so I'm going to do another workshop either at home or at church next month, and a friend (thanks Avril) suggested dying some and making bunting from that - which sounds a great idea!

(So how many triangles 8.5 x 7.25" do you reckon you can cut from a large man's shirt ?  I used a big shirt, a 19" neck, but I was amazed to cut far more than most guesses (which ranged from 8 to I think 24) - I got 30 triangles!)


  1. Fantastic.
    Good job boiling it down to the basics while still allowing creative freedom.

  2. Great bunting - and loads more triangles than I expected! 30 is amazing!
    Good job all round, from what I can see
    (I bought a pinking rotary cutter especially for making bunting, as I didn't want to spend time sewing two triangles together and turning through either!).

  3. why does that one say "bourbon"?


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