Wednesday 2 April 2014

Future Fun With Fabric (jewellary pouch)

One of the ladies at Chertsey brought in a little jewellery pouch that she wanted to make.  I've had a go based on what I remember.

I started with two dinner plate sized circles, and two side plate sized circles.  I sewed each pair together (RST).

I cut a small slit in the middle of one side of each, and turned through, then I laid the smaller one on the outside of the larger one, centred it and draw round the smaller one (I used a frixon pen)

I stitched a circle of bias binding outside the drawn line (folded in the ends, left an opening)

and threaded ribbon through the binding casing

I flipped it over, and placed the smaller circle in the centre of the larger one and stitched it down with 8 lines across the diameter (making sure I started inside the casing, I don't want to sew over that)  I also stitched a circle about half way between the edge and the centre

I pulled the drawstring and I got a little pouch with eight separate sections for rings or earrings

It doesn't look great in the photos, and the bias binding was just scrap; so I next used coordinating colours rather than such a contrasting ones: the ladies are happy, and looking forward to making one

For jewellery (dire photo - its actually red!  Sorry Katy I must re-read your instructions for taking decent photos!)

Or it could be a small sewing kit


  1. Smart idea! (Daylight lamps ;o) )

  2. This is so cool! I've seen these before but never knew how they were made.

  3. Very interesting idea! Photos show the results v well, even if you know that the colours aren't 'true'!

  4. Oh I like that, I will have a go at the weekend and if it doesn't work out do you do private lessons :-)

  5. Smart idea Benta, your ladies must be so impressed at your ability to come up with a pattern for almost anything :)


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