Monday 14 April 2014

I love Big Bags

Inspired by Hadley, and her bag making plans I decided to make one too.  Now Hadley and Katy make 'proper bags' - with zips and feet and flaps and handles (see Katy's blog: she even sells her awesome bag designs).  Me, I make slightly glorified tote bags!  I don't have the patience to spend hours (days?) on a bag, and I change my mind too quickly to make it worth while:

Case in point:

I found this lovely fabric in Ikea: perfect weight for a bag: so I made two (reversible) with pockets inside and out, and a gusset
 one for me, one for my niece's birthday

Then I found some cupcake fabric and wondered whether that would be better for her - and bigger might be better as in a few months she'll have three under 2 - that's a lot of stuff to carry, so I made this

 With lots of pockets inside

Then I had another look at the first two, and decided they were too long for their width, so I chopped the bottom off

but then they were a good length *before* I added a gusset, so they would end up too short ... so no gusset

I still love the fabric, but was aiming for a bigger bag


Two possible solutions: I'm having a stall at a friend's pamper evening at the end of the month - these might sell.  And for mine?  Well I might *have* to go back to the Ikea fabric department.  What a shame


  1. We might be driving past an IKEA soon LOL

  2. So, err, how many days did you spend on these? :oD

  3. I have that IKEA fabric too.

    try this;

  4. And I thought that I was indecisive :-)

  5. At least you have a possible outlet for your creations. Give it all meaning. ;)


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