Thursday 24 April 2014

Guessing Game

I'm teaching two classes tomorrow: so I have two questions for you

(1) what are the afternoon ladies going to make from these crazy patch block we started last month?

And the evening ladies? I'll tell you they are making bunting, but your question is ...
(2) how many triangles of fabric can you cut from a man's shirt?  (My triangle template is about 7.25" wide by 8.5" high, and I've cut a short sleeved shirt)
With this heap of donated shirts we should get some great bunting!

(I'll give you the answers tomorrow xx)


  1. A bag from the crazy patchwork and ten pieces of bunting from a short sleeve shirt :-) Have fun and looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. A pillow with velvet sashing and, of course, velvet back.
    Does it matter if there is a french seam in the middle of your bunting triangle?: Answer: 18

  3. I'd just start cutting and see how many I ended up with!!!

  4. I suppose it would depend on how large the man is, right?

  5. Benta, the next batch of bunting could use dyed shirts - just a thought!


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