Tuesday 1 April 2014

Bennett's Bunnies & Baby's Finish

We have an estate agent in the village, B S Bennett's, who do some fabulous themed window displays.  Well this Easter they have turned it over to the community, and invited us to submit Easter decorations

About the same time as they issued this invitation I was looking at Urban Thread's Giving Bunny project, and was reminded that Plum and her girls had made some [see here] and they really enjoyed them, so I got to thinking about making these for the kids who come to the Easter Kids' Craft Church session.

I adapted the design slightly to allow me to use just one colour thread rather than keep changing - this way I can do two in five minutes: a great help when I'm doing 30+!!!

So here are the Bennett Bunnies enjoying a bit of Windsor sunshine before being delivered to the shop window


There are another couple of dozen already stitched, with more being stitched as I write this: ready for the kids to stuff and sew closed at Crafty Church - and we shall discuss the Urban Thread's idea of leaving these in places for someone else to find

I have also finished Baby Mark's pillow and quilt, and they are ready for delivering, with all the bibs and vests etc, to his mum


  1. Love the hide the bunny idea. What fun.

    One way to keep me from sewing for other people (channeling 'Selfish Seamstress') is the fabric choices they pick for babies. Satin?

  2. Lovely bunnies what a great idea asking the community to get involved

  3. Cute wee guys, and fab idea to invite everyone to contribute to the window

  4. Sweet bunnies Benta, I hope you are going to share a photo of the window when it is finished.

  5. Bunnytastic! Love that you've made SO MANY! The 'leaving them for other people to find' part hasn't really worked for us - turned out that the girls and their friends had 'sticky fingers' and decided to keep them. I should take a leaf out of your book and bulk make, perhaps.....

  6. Love your bunnies! Five in minutes sounds very quick :)


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