Sunday 13 April 2014

Embroidery Extra (2)

When Valerie and I went to Helen's I  greeted with "Ahha, I was hoping you would pop in"!

Helen and a customer are both making height charts for grandchildren, but wondered how to do the numbers - and Helen remembered that I have an embroidery machine.

We had a chat about how best the numbered could be continuous, given that I can only embroider a maximum of 18cm at a time, but she was happy to join sections together, so while Valerie's dragonflies and flowers were stitching I designed these, and then stitched them:

10cm to 180 cm

With the fives marked, and the line starting and finishing accurately

(you can see the measurements are correct!)

If anyone else wants to make a height chart, I'm happy to stitch another set of mearusing lines, metric or imperial!

While I was at Helen's I also bought some cream on cream yardage, so have now been able to  border and bind the first of the two tessellated stars: just about two foot of hand sewing to finish then it's done!!!!


  1. Aren't you a handy person to have calling Benta :)

  2. I LOVE your height chart embroidery. Sadly, I have no small people to measure at the moment :)

  3. I'm suspecting you have frequent flyer miles if she knew she didn't have to phone you to get you to pop round ;o)

  4. I do like your stars the cream really makes them stand out!


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