Wednesday 16 April 2014

Goodies Galore

A while ago I was chatting by email to Kathy (Running with Rocket) and we agreed a small swap:  I had some aeroplane charms than she admired, and she has some selvedge edges that she knows I can use.  Well I have been particularly tardy and haven't done anything about getting the stuff ready (her address is in my desk, does that count for *anything*?)

However Kathy has been organised, and OH so generous!

Even the packaging is exciting

Hang on, what's that on the customs label?
 Bunting? Candy? neither were mentioned in the swap discussion ...

There most certainly was Bunting AND Candy!

(I love love LOVE burlap / hessian bunting - there is much more but I couldn't capture its loveliness if I showed much more)

And I'm fairly partial to candy too!!!!
And just look at the pouch the candy is in!

And the selvedges were there too - *loads* of them

 The pouch has been moved into - a great travel bag for hexies (the candies had to be removed, to eliminate the risk of dribbles on the fabric - I put them somewhere very safe!)

and the back of the pouch ...

And it arrived with this lovely card, and some lovely fussy cut scraps!

Thank you Kathy, its all amazing - and mine will find its way to you eventually!!!!


  1. Your Pinterest boards were filled with rainbows. Easy to follow through with a small pot of (candy) gold.

  2. Fabulous parcel, best pull your finger out ;o)

  3. What? You agree to swaps with people other than me???

    Totally jealous of all your goodies!

  4. That's some good stuff right there ( love that little pouch) Have fun playing with all of it :)


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