Monday 7 April 2014

Zooming Zig Zag

I sometimes wonder if using alliteration for my post titles isn't getting harder and harder! Anyway, the first zigzag quilt is ready to have the binding hand stitched on, so the suggestion that I've zoomed through it seems quite acceptable!

By the end of yesterday the Carnation blocks had been pieced into strips and were starting to be attached to a fleece blanket, and by mid afternoon today it looked like this

There were a few blocks left over so I added some extra to the sides, but then there wasn't quite enough kona carnation for the binding, so one edge is scrappy binding to match the side additions: this evening it looks like this - and is in the to-be-finished pile



Next I *could* start on joining the cornflower blocks ... I'll see what I'm tempted with tomorrow!



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