Sunday 6 April 2014

Sunday Sewing

Today I've been mostly doing the boring bit of  patchworking: monotonous sewing of one block to another - for hours on end!

But the two zigzag quilts are starting to come together.

More exciting is this finished cushion:
which I've made for M's younger sister, and this top that Jackie and I started on my last visit, and she's now assembled:


  1. Were you drinking when you made the last quilt, or just when you took the photo? ;o)

  2. well done x it is boring but so worth it in the end x

  3. I love your cushion - such lovely Spring colours :)

  4. I can vouch that no drinking took place in the making of that quilt but there was a shaky hand taking the photo:-)

  5. The perfect cushion for Spring Benta, love the quilt top too.


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