Wednesday 9 April 2014

Future Fun With Fabric (tissue pouch)

This requested project, a pouch for tissues, is fairly easy to work out just from the photo:

But if you want measurements: cut two squares 3½"x3½", and three rectanles 3½" x 5¼".  Fold the two squares in half, and two of the rectangles in half lengthwise.  Arrange these four pieces onto the right side of the remaining rectangle and stitch around the edges.  Then turn right way out.

  • smaller for business cards? 
  • or for tampons / panty liners
  • all squares for a mug rug?  
  • all circles for a wine coaster (slip the base of the glass inside for a coaster that stays with the glass (make lots in different fabrics to identfy each person's wine glass)?
  • Use bridesmaid fabric to make these for the mothers at a wedding

(Idea inspired by this blogger, but I went a bit smaller as I found hers a bit big for the issue packs sold here)


  1. Cute. I might have to make these. Thanks also for the link to the inspiration blog - always interesting to discover new blogs this way.
    "...Am I the only one who sees something and then has to take it apart to measure and copy?...." might describe me.
    I want to make (Formula 1) pillow cases for my friend in Sweden but she has to send me her pillow measurements as they are way different than American ones. Crazy international sizing!

  2. That's pretty! Will have to make one of those.

  3. Super cute and need to make one!

  4. They are very cute and the mother of the bride one came in very handy was upon a time :-)


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