Wednesday 30 April 2014

Distracted by Daughter

Not much sewing in the last week - clearing the "overflow" sewing room so Lisa could sleep in her room, helping her find everything she needed to pack for a holiday, taking her to the airport at silly o'clock on Tuesday, then getting my sewing room back into some sort of order!

Lisa is off to Arizona to meet up with a friend from university, then they are off on a Road Trip taking in Grand Canyon, LosAngeles, Las Vagas, San Diego, and a Disney park: about 2000 miles in his dad's pickup over 16 days !!!!!


Lisa at the start of her adventure 

I made them Road Trip tshirts to match the route map!

I'm so jealous, it should be amazing !


  1. what a wonderful adventure xx hope they send LOTS of pictures xx

  2. That sounds like it's going to be a great holiday - hope they have a wonderful time!

  3. Love the t-shirt idea! Sounds like an amazing trip too - hope they have an absolute blast!

  4. I grew up doing road trips. My parents were both teachers and had summers off.
    This is a great time of year to go through the area she's in.
    I know they will have a fab time.

  5. Any chance they will take in a few quilt shops on their road trip !! LOL


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