Thursday 3 April 2014

Making for M

You may recall that a while ago I made a quilt for a little boy, D, to take to his chemo appointments.  His class mates and his teachers all signed a block each and I assembled it:

Astonishingly, a neighbour of his, of a similar age: M, is about to undergo chemo too.  Her chemo is coming up much quicker than his did, so I didn't have time to get blocks signed before I could put them together . . . but I did have a very girly quilt close to being finished that I thought would be perfect for little miss M, and it could be signed after it had been constructed

So I dug out the Sorbet Squares top, and quilted it, with chevrons, organically following the colours

and I put a few daisies onto it,

and it's now gone to be signed by all her friends, and I've just got to stitch the binding to the back, and then it can go, with our love, to hospital with her


  1. Isn't it scary that two children living near each other should have to undergo chemo! What a good home for your quilt.

  2. You are incredibly giving.
    And thoughtful.
    And part of what makes this world a better place.

  3. What a sad coincidence Benta. Sure your quilt will bring some much needed comfort to M.

  4. Well done, Benta. Hope that both children have happy results.

  5. Poor little ones. I'm sure Miss M will love her new gingham quilt! Very girlie indeed : )

  6. You have the kindest heart, Benta. I'm sue the little girl will love and cherish this beautiful quilt.


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