Sunday 11 May 2014

Oldest UFO?

I think I have finished my oldest UFO! The earliest blog reference I can find was in January 2012. And even then I refer to it as being ancient!
A few days ago I found it in a box, and thought it just needed binding, so thought I could do that quickly and then call it a finish. Once I'd machine the binding to the front I realised that it hadn't been constructed in my usual method, and therefore hadn't been quilted AT ALL!!
So how to quilt after binding? It's not brilliantly made, so there are some chunky joints, so in the ditch or echoing wasn't going to be brilliant - then I looked at the embroidery machine and inspiration struck. There were three actions to make this quilt : cut, sew, quilt, - so I stitched these words over and over again
Not very legible in the photos, but I love it!  The letters are about 3" high, 1.5" wide.
I have now finished the binding, despite the 'help' of the hardest-to-photograph cat in the world!
So: a finish

Can I start something new?


  1. Yes I think you can after overcoming all those obstacles ! Great save

  2. Lol! Look like it has a fan anyway!

  3. Well done on the finish and permission to start something new granted xx

  4. Congratulations on getting the oldest WIP off the list! Inspired quilting too :)


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